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Learn about Rapid Cash

What is Rapid Cash?
Who owns Rapid Cash?
Is Rapid Cash factoring?
What are Rapid Cash’s rates for limits up to £300k?
What are Rapid Cash’s rates for limits above £300k?
Will applying affect my personal credit score?
How do I get in touch with Rapid Cash?

Getting started

Am I right for Rapid Cash?
How do I apply for Rapid Cash?
How quickly can I get funded?
What documents do I need to apply?
Why do I need to connect my accounting package?
What accounting packages does Rapid Cash support?
What information do you get from my accounting package?
I don't have a supported accounting package, can I apply?
Is there a contract?
Will my customers know I'm using Rapid Cash?
Does Rapid Cash need security?
How do I know my data is safe?
What does certified accounting add on mean?

Using Rapid Cash

How is my credit limit calculated?
How do I select customers for funding?
How do I draw funds?
Do my customers have to change the account they pay to?
How do repayments work?
Do I have to repay my existing overdraft?
How do I add more customers for funding?
What makes an invoice eligible for funding?
How much of my time will Rapid Cash take up?
Will I need to upload invoices?
How is interest calculated?
How do I pay my interests and fees?
Do you have multi-user access?
How do I make a complaint?

Looking for answers?

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